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The Power of Vastu: an amazing story

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Paul Worland knew that his new home lay directly in the path of the worst Southern California fire in many years.

In the fall of 2003 a tragic series of forest fires destroyed thousands of homes in Southern California. In October, what would become the worst of all, the Cedar Falls fire, began to sweep from an unpopulated forest towards the city of Ramona and the Maharishi Vastu home of Paul and Jeanette Worland. That evening Paul watched the orange glow turning into a large approaching fire, and he began to hose down the new home he had designed and built according to the principles of Maharishi Vedic Architecture. By midnight the flames were close and leaping high. Paul told his family to gather important articles and flee the house. Fire fighters protecting the house trained their hoses on the wall of flame but the fire’s heat evaporated the high-pressure water streams.

Then, as the fire roared up to the home from the National Forest only 50 feet away, the 40 to 60 mph winds made a sudden 90 degree shift and instantly the fire passed directly outside of the house's Vastu fence. This sudden sift allowed the Worlands to evacuate in safety and, the house and everything in or near the Vastu to be saved. After shifting the blaze away from the house, ten minutes later the wind shifted back to its original direction and consumed the acreage directly behind the home. The fire went on to destroy 3500 homes, and hundreds of thousands of acres of land. But its first would-be victim was spared by a remarkable last minute shift in the wind.

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