Creating building and cities that are a quantum leap better

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Creating Buildings and Cities That Are a Quantum Leap Better

The great sage of ancient India, Mayan, said that “Architecture is the greatest achievement of civilization.”  In the West it is considered one of the seven noble professions, and in the East, one of the five pillars of Vedic knowledge.  Good architecture can bring many benefits to the individual and to society, so it is very sad that we in Trinidad and Tobago have allowed our built environment in so many places to become ugly and chaotic.  Perhaps this has happened because of a lack of appreciation of the huge benefits to be enjoyed from truly good architecture. Hopefully this article will give some insights into what these benefits might be.

In most countries, buildings over a certain size must be designed by a Registered Architect.  Unfortunately, in Trinidad our laws in this regard are not very stringent with the built environment and our quality of life the victim. Poor design has a tremendous negative impact on society, in ways far more powerful than is commonly understood.  On an individual level, a poorly designed building can cause health and other problems that most people do not expect.  For example, some doctors have said that the built environment is a contributing factor in as much as 50% of illnesses.  In serious cases this is called Sick Building Syndrome.  But very often poor buildings are the unknown cause of lack of vitality, low productivity, a general feeling of malaise, and other “minor” health issues that take a significant toll on society.   And the negative effects of unattractive and chaotic buildings on the human psyche and physiology are difficult to quantify but very real.

Many housing projects in the US and other countries have been demolished after experts concluded that the designs of the buildings were actually causing crime.  This phenomenon has been documented by ancient architects and emphatically confirmed by modern demolition crews.  The human spirit that wants to soar is instead constricted by design not according to the laws of nature – and social problems are the result.

On the other hand, beautiful buildings designed according to the laws of nature cause positive effects in all of the above areas, and give wings to the human spirit.  Good architecture can achieve many things including:

  • Providing efficient and durable buildings that have a minimum impact on the environment while being cost effective.
  • Providing living and working spaces that create health and happiness.  In good spaces you think more clearly, rest more deeply, have better communication with others, enjoy better vitality and health, and have an overall sense of wellness and balance.

At Fojo Homes & communities, we are combining the best of modern green building practices, the wisdom of ancient architecture, and the latest in smart building technology, with the best practices of modern architecture.  This is the formula to create buildings that are a quantum leap better than conventional buildings ? capable of doing things that conventional buildings cannot ? such as creating well being, social order and increased profitability.

With the projected economic expansion in Trinidad there is a “once in many generations” opportunity to transform our country. We can all start by doing what we can to improve our built environment.  Your building will either scar the environment or enhance it, for generations to come

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