Fojo Design & Develop is a leading team of qualified professionals.

David Fojo
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Fojo Design & Develop is a leading team of qualified professionals with a tradition of excellent design in Trinidad & Tobago spanning more than forty years.

We pride ourselves on high quality service in keeping with our high level of professional integrity and reputation.

At Fojo Design & Develop we work very closely with our clients to create buildings that perfectly suit their needs and desires. From finding the ideal development site and doing world class architecture and engineering, to preparing effective loan application packages, Fojo Design & Develop is a full service company that will make your next project more beautiful and profitable.

By thoughtful synthesizing the best modern architectural practices, with efficient engineering, project management, green building principles and the wisdom of ancient design philosophies Fojo Design & Develop is creating a new and superior Caribbean architecture.

Because of cutting edge technologies in our buildings they possess the following features:

  1. They are much more profitable for their developers on every level.
  2. The entire design and develop process is more efficient and produces better architecture.
  3. The occupants of these buildings are happier, healthier and more prosperous

Fojo Design & Develop is dedicated to improving the efficiency and harmony of the entire design and develop process, and in so doing help meet and exceed our clients’ financial and other objectives. I invite you to meet with us to see how we can together create opportunities to build wonderful and profitable projects.

Our Vision: To be the best and most successful architecture, engineering and development firm in the Caribbean.

Our Mission: To create excellent architecture, through a highly efficient and enlightened design and development process that meets or exceeds the objectives of our clients. To build buildings that improve the well- being, health and prosperity of all who live and work in them. To create a new superior Caribbean architecture, and a design/develop process that maximizes our clients' wealth and all other benefits, while improving the built and natural environment for society to enjoy.

Our principles:

In order to consistently achieve our vision

  • Every building that we design/develop is an excellent and beautiful work of architecture and engineering.
  • We provide high quality professional services, on time, on budget, every time, using the best professional practices.
  • Because of our expertise in the entire development process, and not just in design, we provide excellent architecture that in a more holistic way, best suits the site and the clients objectives thereby maximizing benefits and profits to all. We provide, or we are the single point of contact for, the wider range of multi-discipline services necessary to complete a development. This produces a more efficient design/develop process and better solutions
  • We are the most advance technologically of all architecture, engineering and development firms in the Caribbean. We leverage the power of technology to create better architecture, reduce the duration of the design/develop process, and create value for our clients.
    • This includes
      • Using the latest 3D Computer Aided Design hardware and software.
      • The latest animation methods integrated into the design process, to aid the stake holders in visualizing the design and in marketing.
      • Use of Building Information Modeling for real-time coordination between design team, quantity surveyors, contractors, owners, vendors and other stakeholders.
  • We create better architecture by applying the wisdom of ancient design philosophies. The coherence gained by using these principles brings many more benefits than "conventional" architecture, such as increased well-being, health, productivity and prosperity for the users of the buildings and for the developers.
  • We incorporate the most advanced green and healthy building principles, including "smart building" technologies, so the construction and operation of our buildings are environmentally friendly and sustainable. Green buildings increase the health and productivity of users while creating more pleasant spaces.• Using intelligent design and value engineering, our projects are very cost effective.This includes significant reductions in the overall life cycle costs of our buildings.
  • We incorporate advanced project management into the design/construction/ develop process so it is efficient, harmonious, enjoyable, and fulfilling for all.
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